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Friday, December 30, 2011

2012 Courthouse Exhibit Features Salem's Neighbors

Marion County 20

 Community Hall of the Marion County Courthouse

        In April, a colorful Oregon heritage exhibit was mounted in the Marion County Courthouse Community Hall.  Each of the twenty framed collections of photographs and memorabilia offered what that Marion County city considered significant to tell its story. The exhibits were constructed by local committees or by an individual volunteer. Above each poster is a wood carving representing the shape of Marion County with the locality of the city clearly distinguished. At the opening ceremony, the County Commissioners greeted guests from around the county, especially thanking the creators of these handsome displays.  Each city had a representative there to speak about what that city had selected to put in their colorful poster.
         Commissioner Sam Brentano, who was the inspiration for the exhibit, often encouraged me to "get out of town" and become acquainted with other Marion County cities.  These photographic essays convinced me that he was right. My son Tom was my partner in the project we named "Marion County 20". On our day-trip adventures, he discovered many scenic back roads and took photographs in each city while I asked questions and constructed a new series of Statesman Journal articles that began on January 6, 2013. Each one reviews the community history, offer a brief profile of the city today and includes our discoveries there as visitors.

         View the collection of Marion County Courthouse exhibits.

        By the way, what do you know about these cities?

        Which Marion County city

                 Was founded by a woman?

                 Was named for a soft drink popular in Idaho?

                  Still uses a 1892 tabernacle for religious conventions?

                  Is named for a Bavarian town?

                  Moved to a new location

                   Is a misspelling of a founder's name?

                   Was named for a son-in-law of a founder?   

                   Was named for a railroad engineer?

                   Was established after a Supreme Court decision resolved land ownership?

                    Has its post office in another county?

                    Became almost deserted during the Civil War?

                    Was named, despite objection, for a woman?

                    Had a popular mineral springs resort?

                    Has a museum in a former church? 

                    Was founded as a religious colony?

                    Celebrates being the "Mint Capital" of Oregon?

                    Was the boyhood home of a US president

                     Provided clean water for pioneer Salem?

                     Is named for a voter at Champoeg in 1843?

                     Has the grave site of Oregon's only authenticated Revolutionary War veteran?


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