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Monday, February 23, 2009

The City Hall as Art

Eric asked, "Has anyone in Salem ever done a temporary installation by projecting a film or film loop on a building to be demolished?"
No, I can't remember that happening in Salem, Eric, but why wait to use demolition as an occasion for art? Here's the Barcelona City Hall splashed with color from one of many projections during in evening of celebration last September.
When and where can we do this?

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Eric said...

Ruins & the sublime, right? Tintern Abbey and all that!

Mary Lou Zeek made wonderful use of the City Motel for her Bike Art project. The opportunities for transformation are greater with something that is going to be demolished, aren't they? So I still think the Boise project might afford some opportunities for public art.

However, the Brutalism of City Hall and the Library begs for something like this! The plaza between is desolate and the ponds downhill not more more lively. These are public spaces that want to be activated, don't you think?