SHINE is a look backward from the present to Salem's 1860 charter. In each year we have four sections: glimpses of what was happening around the world, a special event in Salem, what you see when you visit that site today, and other Salem events of interest that year.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Moving Salem History #1 of 12

Trover Photograph, Courtesy Oregon State Library

In 1883 this historic house was built by the C. S. Rockenfeld on Court Street, across from the Capitol. In 1937 the state purchased the property (as seen here in 1930s photograph), then owned by Henry Bean, Justice of the Oregon Supreme Court, and moved it to 755 Capitol Street to make room for state buildings you see along Court Street today. In 1991, during the further expansion of the Capitol Mall, it was purchased by the City of Salem and moved to its present location. In 1992 it was opened to the public as part of A.C. Gilbert’s Discovery Village.

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