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Friday, December 12, 2008

Christmas Open House Tour

This Sunday about 18 houses in the Court Chemeketa Residential Historic District will be open from 1-5 for Christmas touring and cheer. Here's what our house on Court Street looked like in 1985, and the snow gets us in the mood for the big storm heading for us this weekend!!

Touring starts at St. John's Lutheran Church at 1350 Court Street (built 1949-53) where you can get the list of open houses and, if you are so inclined, make a donation of either food or cash to the Marion/Polk Food Bank. The tour is free, but there are a lot of hungry mouths to feed in our community this Christmas.

Many home owners will be displaying their own artwork so come tour and see quilts, chair caning, botanical drawings, paintings, and much much more!!!


Virginia Green said...

What a beautiful tradition! One of these tours introduced me to CCHRD when I first came here nine years ago and continue to be a favorite feature of the season for me.
Thank you!

Eric said...

I hope you'll continue to highlight home & building tours throughout the year! The Court-Chemeketa one was lovely - with snowfall, too! The information is hard to find on the state's website, and by passing it through an editorial filter that selects sites in Salem & sites of particular interest, it will become much more useful! Thank you!

gogouci said...

I had a great walk through the district. I wish I had set aside more time. Already looking forward to this year's event.

Some of the photos from that day: