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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Interesting event & exhibit

This exhibit highlights six stories of men who lived in the "peculiar paradise" called Oregon; a beautiful eden like place where the peculiar institution of slavery cast a shadow and yet the human spirit prevailed.
~ The Oregon Northwest Black Pioneers

On Jan. 30, be sure to attend "Stories from a Peculiar Paradise," 6 p.m. at Reed Opera House, Trinity Ballroom. Presented by Oregon Northwest Black Pioneers and Salem Multicultural Institute.

This is the kickoff event for an exhibit at the World Beat Gallery, running from January 30 through February 15. The Gallery is on the second floor of the Reed Opera House.

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Virginia Green said...

Peculiar Paradise is the very readable "text book" for learning about a group of almost invisible citizens in the history of Oregon. This exhibit illustrates many of the stories and is an introduction to lives that were important in our state and especially in Salem.

Sedonia Harsh said...

I visited the exhibit, and was very pleased at the way the stories were brought to life. there is a rich history of how black pioneers made their way in this state, and I'm glad to see an organization that is helping to show the diversity in Oregon that began in the 1800s.