SHINE is a look backward from the present to Salem's 1860 charter. In each year we have four sections: glimpses of what was happening around the world, a special event in Salem, what you see when you visit that site today, and other Salem events of interest that year.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Photos of Salem businesses

Mike Carrick passed along these historic Salem photos:

First is the well known Meier and Frank clock that has been in the news lately because it was up for sale. "Meet me under the clock" was a familiar phrase for Salem shoppers.

Second is an interior shot of Steusloff Brothers Butcher Shop. They sent this photo to customers with a "Merry Christmas" message. This card is dated December 23, 1909. I guess in those days you didn't have to "mail early."

Thanks for the photos, Mike!


Virginia Green said...

These photos introduce us "newcomers" to a Salem that we never knew. Thanks, Mike, for more glimpses of the past.
Viewers, have you other historic glimpses of Salem to share with us?

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