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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Salem's Moving History #7 of 12

Trover photograph, courtesy Oregon State Library Photograph Collection

This 1910 Bungalow-Colonial Revival home stood at the former 295 Summer Street (lawn in the center of the Mall today) until moved in 1940s for construction of the North Capitol Mall. It was originally the home of the Hinges family. The daughter, Hallie Parrish Hinges (1868-1950) was a well-known vocalist in Salem, being declared by Pres. Teddy Roosevelt during his visit here in 1903 as the "Oregon Nightingale". After 1926 it was owned by Samuel and Sara Kimball.
photo courtesy Oregon Historic Photograph Collections, Salem Public Library
The 1940s move of the Hinges/Kimball home by the state took it to 735 Capitol Street to be used as an office building. (Today the lawn area south of the Archives Building.) It was photographed in 1978 by Bob Koval. It remained here almost 50 years until the late 1990s when it was moved again for the Archives construction. It was placed three blocks further north on Capitol Street.

photo by Tom Green, Jr in 2008

Here is the same house, now in private ownership, as it appears in its third location at 1075 Capitol Street NE. Still a handsome building, this Local Landmark has survived two moves and almost 100 years!

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