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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Moving Salem's History #8 of 12

This house, shown in the 1990s when it was located on the corner of Oak and University Streets, was the residence of the John G. West, father of Oswald West, later governor of Oregon. In the mid 1890s the house was sold to C. M. Beak and in 1898 to Mrs. A. Klein. The Kleins continued in ownership and residency through the early 1920s. It was moved, shortly after this photograph was taken, for the expansion of the Salem Hospital.

Here it is today in its new location on D Street, lovingly restored and with bright new paint. The owner has restored several houses on this property and we are grateful to him for preserving this residential local history,

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Walker said...

There was a famous architect in Mid-Michigan named "Darius Moon" (if I recall right) so there are a number of "Moon Houses" around Lansing. A friend of mine bought one of the Moon houses that was moved to save it from a freeway widening. So I did a double-take when I read the thing about the "Moon House."