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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Salem's Moving History #10 of 12

photograph courtesy of Keith Chilcote

In this original 1890 location at 1118 Oak Street, this house was the residence of the John G. West family: the Wests were parents of Oswald West, later governor of Oregon. At the time the occupation of Mr. West was listed as "drover." In the mid 1890s the house was sold to C. M. Beak and in 1898 to Mrs. A. Klein. The Kleins continued in ownership and residency through the early 1920s. After being used by Willamette University and other owners, it was divided into six living units in 1993. In this late 1990s photograph, the house must be demolished or moved for the expansion of the Salem Hospital.

Fortunately, the house was moved by Sarah and Keith Chilcote and restored to this welcoming appearance. It stands between the two houses they moved from Winter Street (see #8 and #9 of this series) at 2983 D Street.

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